UK Women at Business

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Women make up the largest amount of workforce in today’s competitive environment for almost 40-50% of the whole.

Business_WomanIn UK also this statistics shows that on the whole women are giving tough competition to the male counterparts and more and more women are reaching the level of perfection. Women are Crucial to the economic growth of every country. Today the number of people connecting online is growing day by day and with the total of 3 billion people online (still growing) every country has the potential to reach more individuals and make the stronger relationships between them.  For Women this new reality provides an opportunity to start their own business online.

In every developed country like UK women are becoming self employed because they are showing the ability to find the balance between her family and work life. The women who are showing this special ability are being called “mumprenuer” It’s a very interesting title. There are approximately 30 to 40 thousand mothers who run their own business by providing the work balance between their personal and professional life and brings billions to the economy of UK every year.

SWIB 1Margaret Thatcher, the only female Prime minister of Britain has been the inspiration to most of the female business owner’s. There are many names that have been an inspiration like Margaret Thatcher only to female entrepreneurs but also for many male counterparts’.

A National Statistics report of Britain shows that women are increasing in managerial occupations like corporate managers, production mangers, functional mangers, hospitalities, quality managers and in many more functional areas.

small-business-credit-cardDespite women’s presence in some areas of management within the UK’s institutional context, there has been some report of segregation in some countries. Here the very effective meaning of segregation is high gender pay gap between the male and female in UK. While women remain presented in education carrying and hospitality sector, they continue to hold less than 25 % of managerial post just because of this segregation, although some gains have been made but they are less in compares to the male members, equal pay was the major concern among the female British employees.

The gap between male and female may be closing but it still persists. However UK shows some fantastic and impressing women who have started businesses, here are some of the names Melissa wells founder of “Green-Goddess” , Aneeqa khan born and raised in Manchester CEO of “Eporta” doing the online business for the design industry , “Claire Arnott” Co-Founder of “Okapi-Home-Ltd” ,  “Lousie Leolin” funder of a Growing Gaming Company “Dino-Byte-Labs” and many more names are there in the list who are proudly serving their nation.

Beautiful young business executive with colleagues discussing in the background
Beautiful young business executive with colleagues discussing in the background

Apart from that there are plenty of things to keep in mind that needs to be understood, yet they are facing the equality gap. Hardly 7 to 10 countries from the world do women take part in business at the rates equal to men’s. However in some countries like Afghanistan they barely take part at all. Even though women are active in both their personal and professional like, they do not reach their level of potential.

There are many obstacles which they have to face to reach their level of potential; one of the obstacles is access to capital, in country like India this is one of the major concern among the female business owners small  loans makes a much difference.

Asian-female-business-attire-e1405636803904Secondly Women need the Education which is the main workforce for the betterment of their future and also that decides the growth of the business.

Third but not the least women are conceived as the marriage material who are only treated as the house-wife which suppress their capabilities and spread failure among them.

It is the time to provide much support and basic tools to them so that they may ensure them in every aspect of their life.