Want A Career In Sports Massage Therapy?

There has always been a bit of a negative sentiment about women and massage. It’s seen as seedy and little underground. But sports massage therapy is something quite different and is a highly skilled profession that women should be proud to be a part of. We asked FLM Training ( https://flmtraining.co.uk/courses/sports-massage-course) to teach us more about the benefits of this profession.

FLM training are a training provider who specialise in leisure, fitness and personal trainer courses and apprenticeships. One of the fitness courses they do is a Level 3 Diploma in sports massage therapy. This course would cost you £1,199 and is 6 days of physical teaching and a day to complete the assessment. This course is extremely physical as there is only so much you can learn from a book, to learn you have to be able to do. Performing sports massage is also very physical, so you would need to be physically fit enough to complete this course and carry out the activity.

sports-massageThis course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to be recognised as a sports massage therapist. As a sports massage therapist you would be providing this therapy to a wide range of clients, such as athletes and those who suffer from day to day problems; like strain injury and tension.

For this course learners must be 16 years or over; there are no specific entry requirements for this course although you need good communication skills. This course is designed for those who wish to work/ seek employment as a sports massage therapist, those considering a career in active leisure and those wanting to progress career opportunities in active leisure. This qualification enables learners to work as a sports massage therapist for many different organisations, such as coaching facilities and welcome clinics. This course is also great for those who already work as a personal trainer because it means they have more skills to add to their skill set; so they do need to refer clients to others and get more business.

In this course you will be covering anatomy & physiology, pre event techniques, post event techniques and much more. You will also learn various methods for a variety of injuries and strains. All of the tutors have had experience working with the NHs and professional clients. This course is available in Manchester and Cardiff.

The benefits of this massage are that it can improve skin tone, increases your ability to rid the body of toxins and relieve aches and pain. Your clients could include those recovering from sickness and those who want to develop the ability to relax. As well as sports massage you could then specialise in another type of massage such as Indian head massage or baby massage.